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Dental Local Rules

Dental Local Rules

Dental Local Rules – a key part of your Radiation Protection File The purpose of Dental Local Rules is to outline the key working instructions to minimise the risks from the use of x-ray radiation during radiography. They are a requirement of the Ionising...
Dental Local Rules

Dental xray equipment testing

What testing should X-ray equipment have? Testing of x-ray equipment safety features and protection of staff and public is a requirement of the Ionising Radiations Regulations, while testing of the equipment for medical exposures is required by the Ionising Radiation...
Dental Local Rules

Personal radiation monitoring badges in dentistry

Are personal radiation dosimetry (monitoring) badges required in dental practices? Personal dosimetry (wearing of radiation monitoring badges) used to be more prevalent in dentistry – so what has happened?To begin, the inherent safety features of dental x-ray...
Dental Local Rules

Dental CBCT radiation shielding

Dental CBCT Radiation Shielding – What is Required? Dental cone beam CT (CBCT) scanners are now becoming much more prevalent. Working procedures, precautions and construction techniques which are well established for dental radiography will in many circumstances...