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Dental Radiation Protection Advisor

Dental Radiation Protection Advisor

Why do I need a Dental Radiation Protection Advisor? The Ionising Radiations Regulations require you to appoint a dental Radiation Protection Advisor (RPA).  The RPA will provide you will advice on radiation shielding and safety in your practice.  This will include...
Dental Radiation Protection Advisor

Dental x-ray radiation risk assessment

Dental x-ray radiation risk assessment Before using x-ray equipment for the first time, it is important that a specific risk assessment for the work is produced in conjunction with an RPA and documented.  The risk assessment identifies the risks due to radiation and...
Dental Radiation Protection Advisor

Dental x-ray equipment testing – how often?

Dental X-ray equipment testing – how often? Testing of x-ray equipment safety features and protection of staff and public is a requirement of the Ionising Radiations Regulations, while testing of the equipment for medical exposures is required by the Ionising...
Dental Radiation Protection Advisor

Non-CE Marked Medical Equipment

Non-CE marked x-ray equipment: risk not reward We have seen a resurgence of non-CE marked x-ray equipment (frequently from China) appearing in the UK and on which we have had to provide Dental RPA advice regarding equipment safety, performance and suitability. Whilst...
Dental Radiation Protection Advisor

Dentist registering work with HSE – 2023 update

Dentist Registration with HSE: registering work with radiation & x-ray with HSE October 2023 update A dentist is required to register their work with radiation with HSE, this applies across all four nations. In October 2023 the HSE have written to all registration...